The TrueBikini Project is a brand new website and APP by Colorado production company Group Five Photosports. We are scouting nationwide for girls to turn into bikini models!

The project is all about fun girls from all walks of life, not just the tall fashion model types.

We want to find girls that have never modeled previously, and maybe even never thought if it, but look good in a bikini. Models get paid $100 an hour and take free trips to photo shoot locations such as Miami Beach, Denver and Tampa!

The Basic Concept

Viewers of reality TV have seen shows about various "rehab" situations, including the old house that is remodeled, the drug user that goes to rehab, the old car that is restored. the motorcycle that is highly modified, or the fat guy that is helped to lose several pounds.

All those themes encompass a transformation of sorts and our plans for TrueBikini fall along the same lines. Imagine we locate a cute rodeo rider from Tulsa, cheerleader from Atlanta and a gamer girl from Denver, then create a story as they are transformed into tiny bikini wearing models posing on a beach in Florida or for a car magazine in our studios.

The project isn't only about shooting photos of a model in a bikini. We are hoping to create video stories about the entire process from the minute the girl is first selected directly through her photo shoots, and hopefully into a second season when she comes back to help us with another group of brand new girls.

Persons with extensive modeling experience, above or below the age range, or persons that are males or persons that are outside the USA might have great model potential, but don't happen to fit the theme of this project.

Cute females interested in this project should click below for more information:

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