The TrueBikini Project Explained

Latest information about modeling jobs for girls that look good in swimwear

All photo or video related production work, website projects, and mobile applications, start with a basic plan or outline such as we have noted below. It must be stated that everything about any projects, from simple bikini model videos, to Hollywood movies, to MTV music videos, must be considered tentative.

Natural things like weather can screw-up great plans. A new crew member may come up with an idea that is better, so plans or goals are changed. Models or crew members can become sick, causing delays. Equipment can fail, or new equipment or locations become available and we delay production to take advantage of that.

Simply put - things change and we learn, upgrade and adjust as we go. Below is the basic outline of the TrueBikini project. Please, if you have additional questions, feel free to call our office at 303-474-4449 or to send a message using the form on the Contact Us page.

While it's hard to explain all the various factors of what we hope to accomplish, the basic outline is shown below.

The Basic Plan

  • Create large amounts of high definition photo & video content that features beautiful girls as bikini models, much like the popular Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. 4K (UHD) video is the primary goal.
  • To help our bikini model content stand out from others, such as that Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, we hope to create longer videos and produce them along a storyline, with a little bit of reality TV style being included. We will not only show models posing, but also the models and crew around the studio, interacting with each other, being interviewed, working on fun locations, out at events or parties, and other behind the scenes video footage not normally seen in swimwear model videos.
  • One of the main storylines we hope to produce is the idea of taking a girl that has never done modeling previously and turning her into a bikini model. To do this we would hire girls that we "just find" out in the world, not girls from modeling agencies or schools. Versions of the "country girl to bikini model" or "cheerleader to bikini model" or "shorter girl to bikini model" theme will be a fun story to tell in videos!
  • We will also be including a few girls that have modeling experience. Some of them will have very important roles as not only a model, but as spokesperson or host of sorts, including a lot of microphone time interviewing other models, explaining to viewers what's going on behind the scenes, and more. Some may even play the role of recruiter on camera as you'll see in the next point.
  • Another type of model we hope to feature is the "surprise model". Imagine our crew is working on the beach in Miami and just a few steps away we spot a girl that seems to have the right shape for our outfits, and she is smiling with her friends so we feel she has a fun personality. Quickly we send our spokesperson / recruiter over to get her involved in our photoshoot. The entire episode is filmed from the second we spot her in the sand, to the initial conversations, into the make-up stages and fittings, and out to her very first (surprise) photo and video shoot. Take that same situation and imagine it's being done in Playa Del Carmen or Cancun, Mexico where most locals speak Spanish, and the conversation and translations make the story even more interesting or funny.
  • The point of producing videos with models of many different styles and backgrounds, from newbies to experienced professionals to total strangers, is to be different. We don't want to copy companies such as the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition that use popular New York fashion models or athletes. We want to be different and that is one of the main goals we are pushing because we think it will make the project successful.
  • Another major goal is to have fun while doing this work. We want to make it an adventure of sorts and expect some of the projects to feature exciting travel. Our Colorado based company, for previous projects, has done work "On Location" in Hawaii; the United States Virgin Islands; the Bahamas; Cabo San Lucas, Mexico;, Miami Beach, Florida; Las Vegas, Nevada; Clearwater, Florida and more. Many videos we eventually publish will be about the trip, not just a model in a bikini. See the "Examples" section below.
  • We expect to spend numerous days over the summer and into early fall hiring new models and producing raw content. Once we have hours and hours of footage the long process of editing begins. It will take weeks to get that done, and reconfigure this website from a model recruiting page to a video distribution page similar to Netflix. Note - we are currently hiring editors and coders. If you know people in Colorado that may be interested please have them view the Server & Website Tech Jobs section here.
  • Around this same time the creation of our TrueBikini APP should take place. In the current times APPs to play video are not a big deal, and a company can rebrand private versions from tech companies such as Muvi and Vimeo, but we hope to include a few extra features not normally seen in a simple video playing application.
  • One feature we hope to include in the APP is the ability to have contests. User interactivity helps websites and APPs become popular, and we think it will be fun to allow fans of the models and videos to not only rate or like videos, but to vote in small contests. Imagine a bunch of bikini model fans being able to vote for which models we take along on a big project to Hawaii. Could be a fun way to keep fans coming back.
  • Once the initial content is produced & edited, along with the website and APPs becoming ready, its time to start publishing the first videos to both normal and premium bikini model fans (customers).

Please, if you have additional questions about the basic plan, feel free to call our office at 303-474-4449 or to send a message using the form on the Contact Us page.

How The Models Make Money

This is a common question and with the most simple answer. The models make money because we pay them directly for their time and talent.

In the modeling game, often through various websites and forums, it is common for girls to pose (work) for free in exchange for copies of the photos. This is often called "Time for Prints" (TFP) or "Time for CD" (TFCD). She trades her time and talent for the time and talent of the photographer. It may give the girl experience, and if she is lucky some good photos to put on Facebook and Instagram, but that often depends on the quality of the photographer.

Remember, in a trade like that she is working with a photographer that is doing the work for free. Photographers working for free are not always the best photographers. Do they work for free because they can't find paying clients? Do they work for free because it's just a weekend hobby and their real job is something like car mechanic or sales clerk? Do they work for free because they are brand new to photography and need to practice before being good enough to charge customers? Do they work for free now, but try to charge the model or her parents later if the girl selects to post images online?

In those trade situations things can be confusing. The model can't know for sure if the photographer is good, or if she can learn from him if he himself is a beginner, or if he has other goals or plans in mind.

We do all our projects using the exact same method as the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. We simply pay the models a fair rate and we do it right at the end of the project they are involved in. No confusion, no questions, no waiting for money, none of that silliness at all.

All models on the TrueBikini project are paid $100 per hour. A simple example would be a Miami Beach photoshoot. The model is up early and in the make-up chair at 5:00am, then on the beach for early morning sunrise photo & video work until about 10:00am. 5 production hours total, and $500.00 earned. Later that same day she may do another shoot on a boat or other location from 5:00pm until 8:00pm, so that is 3 additional production hours. Her total for that day is 8 production hours, and she is paid that $800.00 before she leaves the project.

Very simple and easy. No confusion. No waiting. No negotiations. Just simply pay checks at the end of a simple production event.

Please, if you have additional questions about models being paid, feel free to call our office at 303-474-4449 or to send a message using the form on the Contact Us page.

How We Make Money

Friends, associates, potential models, a couple of agents and even a few mothers, have asked us how we plan to make money from this project. The main revenue sources we expect are listed below.

  • TrueBikini Website - Free Viewing. When the original video content is ready this website will be converted to a YouTube style video site. It will show shorter videos (under 10 minutes) for free and display advertising before the videos and along the side. Those advertisers pay us to have their ads featured and that is our first source of revenue.
  • TrueBikini APP - Free Viewing. We plan to have our own APP for both Android and iOS (iPhone). It will show shorter videos (under 10 minutes) for free and display advertising before the videos. Those advertisers pay us to have their ads featured and that is our second source of revenue.
  • YouTube Website & APP - Free Viewing. We also plan to publish videos on a new YouTube channel. It will show shorter videos (under 10 minutes) for free and display advertising before the videos. Like many, many YouTubers, we will share in the revenue YouTube generates by selling advertisements on their site. That is our third source of revenue.
  • Free Websites & APPs - Free Viewing. DailyMotion (France) and other video websites also offer video creators a portion of the revenue they receive by displaying advertising on the website or APP. That is our fourth source of revenue.
  • TrueBikini - Premium. All of this free delivery of TrueBikini model content will produce revenue, but our main goal is to use it to drive fans to our site and get them interested enough to pay a monthly subscription fee to the "Premium" section of TrueBikini. In that premium section they have access to longer videos, behind the scenes videos, outtake and blooper videos and more. Premium subscribers also are the ones that get to vote in our contests, and have exclusive access to live events, such as when we broadcast live from the studio or a photoshoot location and have a chat room open where fans can ask questions of the models, host, photographer and crew. This may be listed as our fifth source of revenue, but based on our experience with other pretty model website projects, it will likely be the largest.
  • Secondary Video - Free Viewing. Taping for the TrueBikini project will produce hours and hours of video footage. Not all of that footage can be used to produce a good bikini model video. Some footage will simply be cut, but some of the good material can be used two or three times and be featured in a second video or project. Example - while preparing too produce the bikini model video we could turn the cams on early and record the crew setting up lighting and props. Later, we can take that footage and the bikini model footage, to create a video about lighting techniques used in glamour style photography. The finished video can then be posted on one of our other YouTube channels where we show photography techniques, and we would earn a share of the YouTube advertising as our sixth source of revenue.

The business and revenue plan outlined here is very common in the YouTube and podcasting world. True crime podcasters will tell stories on YouTube, but offer more detailed versions on the Sticher Premium APP. Comedian Kevin Hart has sample videos and short routines on YouTube, but over on Sticher Premium he has full length podcasts exclusively for subscribers. The same method of free content on YouTube and premium content in another location is used by news organizations, comedians, bloggers & vloggers, sports websites and many, many others.

Please, if you have additional questions about how we plan to make money, feel free to call our office at 303-474-4449 or to send a message using the form on the Contact Us page.

A Simple Example

A very good example of the revenue plan outlined above - shorter YouTube videos making ad revenue, to fans becoming premium subscribers on a different site - comes to us from our friends at the FStoppers photography blog. The website they produce is a large community of people interested in photography of everything from wildlife and sports, to bikini models. Thousands of people visit the site daily.

Three years ago they joined up with expert glamour photographer Joey Wright to produce a series of tutorial videos about how to produce great bikini model photos. The main videos would be in the premium section of the FStoppers website and only paying subscribers could view them and learn from them. But, to generate interest in those tutorials and drive paying subscribers to FStoppers, they posted many shorter videos on YouTube. Some of the shorter video involved the lessons, but many of them involved simple fun footage from behind these scenes at a fun photoshoot project.

Here is one example from the FStoppers bikini model tutorial. Video Here.

Again, using YouTube for free videos that produce some revenue from advertising, but also draw visitors to a main site that offers premium subscriptions, is a common business method these days. Our friends at FStoppers have been doing it almost ten years and we see no reason it wouldn't work well for the TrueBikini project.

Please, if you have additional questions about any of the topics on this page, feel free to call our office at 303-474-4449 or to send a message using the form on the Contact Us page.