Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: 5/18/2019

Below are the most common questions and our up to date answers. Please, if you have additional questions, feel free to call our office at 303-474-4449 or send a message using the form on the Contact Us page.

Latest information about modeling jobs for girls that look good in swimwear

Who is running this project?

The website and APP are being developed by Littleton, Colorado based production company Group Five Photosports, LLC. We've been in business over 25 years, and running websites with models for almost 16 years.

You can visit the company website here and read about our history, websites, copyrights, trademarks, and even link from there to the State of Colorado to check our business standing, and to the Library of Congress where our owners have over 10,000 registered copyrights for photos, videos and short films.

We expect the project to quickly grow and for photographers from outside the company to participate. During our planning we've had discussions with photographers from California, Arizona, Florida, and as far away as Australia.

Is it just one guy?

No, a typical photoshoot involves the photographer and at least two crew members. One is the make-up artist / hair stylist. Others are there to help with lights or props or any other needs.

The number of other helpers would depend on the project. If we are working in the studio we'll have two people around to help move lights and props, but on projects outside the studio we may limit that to one person because some shoot locations are smaller and become crowded, or we may raise it up to 3 if it is a big location that requires additoonal people to hold lights or move gear.

The TrueBikini project described here is not the only project being done by the company. We currently have five employees, plus the photographer/owner, to manage other websites, maintain the studio space, and attend to other business. In summer 2019 we plan to add two additional employees as we open our studio building to young outside photographers that don't yet have their own production space.

Where is this taking place?

Our main studio is located in Littleton, Colorado but only a few productions will take place there.

In a photo studio images and videos with models in a bikini can be done, and look good, if the model has a prop she can interact with such as a fancy car or motorcycle. Unfortunately that limits the creativity we need for large scale production and variety.

We anticipate the majority of photo and video production to take place in beach locations. This allows for sand, water, sunsets, boats, waves, jet skis and ocean breezes. It's a natural theme to have cute girls in a bikini on a beach.

Our company has produced dozens of projects at beach locations including Laguna Beach, California, the Bahamas, the United States Virgin Islands, and all the way over on Oahu, Hawaii. Not only will some of the TrueBikini projects take place on beaches, but a few of them will take place on some of the world's most beautiful white sand beaches.

Also within our plans we'll be working at resorts or large estates that have beautiful landscaping around a large pool.

Are the girls paid for modeling?

Yes, our company has always paid models that appear in our work and the TrueBikini project is no different. The new website and APP will generate revenue, like YouTube, by advertisements that run before the videos and on the website. Those advertisers pay us and it's only fair to share some of that revenue with the models.

Our plan is to pay the models $100 per hour for their time and talent while working in front of our cameras. No, it's not the high pay rate that New York super models make, but our project is not about supermodels, it's about normal girls that are joining us on a project or two for the experience.

Within that framework what we are offering is fair. And, for girls that we select from outside the production area, we will also be paying for all the airfare, hotel and other travel expenses.

Do models need to be a certain age?

No, we have not stated a set age. Because the project is about girls that are doing it for the fun and experience, as well as for girls that aspire to be professional models, we anticipate girls to apply as young as 14 and as old as 24.

Of course, before we can hire any models under age 18 we will need to plan with their mothers and get some paperwork completed, but that's no big deal. It's the same basic model release style paperwork the parents sign for a girl to do any photo work, even something as simple as a prom dress advertisement.

How much experience is required?

None at all, and in fact that is part of the fun we are building into the project.

In 2019 we plan for more than half of the models we hire to be brand new. Many of them will not have planned to try modeling, but we found them and got them to try it. That's what will make those videos interesting - watching the girls be transformed from a normal young lady with a normal job into a super cute bikini model in a fun location.

Of course, the models that do fantastic and that the fans react to in the most positive ways will be invited back again and again, so by that time they will be very experienced, and likely be helping us with any new girls we have around.

Are you really looking for multiple styles of girl?

Yes, and that is one of the more interesting aspects of our project. We want to work with several girls that have never done this type of work and maybe never even thought about it - then make videos about how we took them from their current day to day lifestyle, to a day or two as a hottie pro bikini model.

At the same time, we will also be looking to hire a few girls that have been in pro studios previously, or in front of crowds previously, and do different types of video projects that showcase that experience.

Cheerleaders, cosplayers, country girls, retail clerks, prom queens, student athletes, college students, geeks, nerds and everbody else is encouraged to submit their information and photos to be one of our models. And, that includes all races and nationalities.

This model diversity also applies to body styles and height. Typical New York fashion models are at least 5'10" tall. Some bikini catalog work is done with girls a bit shorter at 5'6" - 5'10", but they are often above average average in the bustline. None of that matters here - we welcome submissions from shorter girls, or girls that are not super busty.

Do you pay for model referrals?

Yes, in the model business it's common for photo studios and production companies to pay others a fee for finding new models. For this TrueBikini project we are specifically looking for girls that haven't done bikini modeling in the past and we hope to receive lots of referrals. If we hire the girl to model here we pay the person that sent her $250.

We're a small, private, yet very active photo & video production company. We stay busy producing and editing our various projects, planning new projects and maintaining our studio, websites and other events. It saves us time, and is a big help, for other people to assist us in finding new girls to work with.

People don't need to be a professional modeling agent to refer girls for us to consider. Models, photographers, cheerleading coaches, beauty pageant promoters, ex-boyfriends, social media friends, even cousins & aunts, have referred girls to us over the years.

If you know a girl that would look great in a bikini, even if she has never talked about trying to pose for professional photographers, please encourage her to visit this site. If she decides to submit her information and photos please also ask her to put your name or email address in the form on the line marked "Referred By?"

If you or a friend are active on social media and would be interested in working with us part-time scouting for new models, please send a message using the form on the Contact Us page. We'll reach back out as soon as possible to see what we can set-up.

Do you really pay the travel costs?

Yes, because we want to work with girls (models) from all across the United States, we'll be paying the airfare, hotel and meal costs for them to attend a project with us. Thats how all the big magazines, like the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition do it, and we operate the same way, except they use famous supermodels and atheletes, and we hope to work with girls of several different styles.

Do the models also use a stagename?

That would be up to the girls but it is likely that most models that we work with will use a stagename for privacy or business reasons. The privacy reasons are obvious, but some models don't understand what we mean by the term "business reasons". The main business reason to use a unique stagename is to create a separate brand around the model.

Pretend for a minute that the girl gets popular. Well, if that is the case, she may want to create Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter accounts with a name nobody else is using. It would be best to select that in advance.

Will the models here become famous?

No, we wouldn't want to use the word "famous" here. Popular with us, and the fans of our project, is more likely the accurate way to describe it.

If the girl selects to use her experience here to create a brand for herself on social media sites, that would be great, but it is not the purpose of our project, and we wouldn't promise anything like that.

Many beautiful girls create their own style or brand on Instagram and become influencers that are paid to wear certain garments or promote certain products to their followers, but they do that with their own hard work or help from their mother. It isn't the main goal of the TrueBikini project.

How can TrueBikini be contacted?

We try to make it as easy as possible to reach out and all the information is on the Contact Us page.

Please, if you have any other questions, reach out to us and we'll do the best to answer, and to do it as soon as possible.

Why do you prefer voice phone calls?

Unfortunately these days the general internet, and all of social media, is full of fools, fakes, bots, trolls and common jerks. We're speaking of guys, usually unemployeed losers, that run around aimlessly online and across social media just doing dumb shit. Often that means 40 year old men, living in mom's basement, that pretend to be girls on various sites and APPs so they can chat with real girls.

TrueBikini is a new project, but we've been managing projects and websites with models for over 16 years. Each and every week we receive fake online submissions from guys pretending to females interested in modeling. Most of the time the guy is just a lazy dingbat with nothing else going on in life, but other times the fake submissions come in from other companies or photographers that are curious about our projects or how we do our business.

To avoid wasting time reviewing fake submissions we ask for an Instagram name we can check. We won't follow, comment or message. We simply wish to see if the person seems real because all attractive high school and college age females (potential models) use Instagram.

If the submission seems to be a girl with potential that we may want to hire, and invest it, we ask that she call our office for a short chat. Those calls not only help us determine she is real, but also allow us to hear a bit of her personality, which is important in our projects that include being around other girls in the same age range.

Do you hire photographers or make-up artists?

The project will start with our own production team. As the site and channel grow we expect to be partnering with outside videographers and hiring additional production staff on a temporary basis.

We've posted general information for those interested in participating on this page.

Do you have other jobs available in your studio?

The TrueBikini project is in the content production stage and at this time is only hiring girls to be models, and maybe a person or two to help scout new models.

Our company is based just outside Denver, Colorado. At times we have office or studio jobs open and they are listed on the company site here.

Can I ask some other questions?

Yes, of course you can. Jump over to the Contact Us page to submit an email or call the office. By far we prefer normal voice phone calls because the conversations flow smoother and are more productive compared to several emails or text messages spread over hours or days.

Feel free to call us directly at 303-474-4449.