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What is this project?

The TrueBikini.com website and APP are being developed by the Colorado based production company Group Five Photosports, LLC. We are creating a mobile phone Application, website and YouTube Channel faeturing photos and videos of new bikini models from around the USA and beyond.

Is this a one man business?

The TrueBikini project described here are not the only project being done by the company. We currently have three employees, plus the photographer/owner, to manage other websites, maintain the studio space, and attend to other business. In summer 2019 we plan to add two more employees as we open our studio building to young outside photographers that don't yet have their own big production space, and two others in a new sister company that will manage our websites and sites produced by friends in the modeling and hotography business.

Persons interested in those extra employment oppotunities should visit this page.

Where is this taking place?

Our main studio is located in the Littleton, Colorado, but only a few productions will take place there because photo studio images and videos with models in a bikini can be done, and look good, but it is easy to run short of the creativity we need for large scale production and variety. We are planning for a large number of photo and video production to take place in beach locations because that allows for sand, water, sunsets, boats, waves, jet skis, ocean breezes, and more that are a natural theme to have cute girls in a bikini on a beach. Over our 25 years in business our company has produced dozens of projects on beach locations including Laguna Beach, California, the Bahamas, the United States Virgin Islands, and all the way over on Oahu, Hawaii. Not only will some of the TrueBikini projects take place on beaches, but a few of them will take place on some of the world's most beautiful white sand beaches.

Also within our plans will be working at resorts or large estates that have beautiful landscaping around a large pool.

What about girls with tattoos?

We understand that a few years ago it was common for girls to get tattoos, and many continue to do so, but photographically we prefer girls that do not have tattoos. In many cases we can hide tattoos, or in photos we can retouch them off, but that is a bit of an expensive pain. Also, a major part of our project is Ultra-HD video (4K), and that works out to 30 pictures per-second. A simple 12-minute video would be 21,600 individual frame (images). That is a lot of retouching.

For us it is much less complicated to restrict our new model hiring to girls that do not have tattoos that would show in a tiny bikini.

Do girls get paid for modeling?

We have always paid models that appear in our projects. The TrueBikini project is no different and we plan to pay new models $100 an hour. The website and APP will generate revenue in the same way as YouTube - by advertisements that run before the videos and on the website. Those advertisers pay to place those advertisements. Of course we will share some of the income with the models.

Our plan is to pay the models $100 per hour for their time and talent while working in front of our cameras. No, it's not the high pay rate that New York super models make, but our project is not about supermodels, it's about normal girls that are joining us on a project or two for the experience.

Do models need to be a certain age?

No, we have not stated a set age. Because the project is about girls that are doing it for the fun and experience, as well as for girls that aspire to be professional models, we anticipate girls to apply as young as 14 and as old as 24.

Of course, before we can hire any models under age 18 we will need to speak with their mothers, and also have some paperwork completed. That's no big deal because it's the same basic model release style paperwork that parents sign for a teen girl to do any photo work, even something as simple as a prom dress advertisement.

How much experience is required?

None at all, and in fact that is part of the fun we are building into the project.

In roughly half of the models we hire will be brand new. Many of them will not have planned to try modeling, but we found them and got them to try it. That's what will make those videos interesting - watching the girls be transformed from a normal young lady with a normal job into a super cute bikini model in a fun location.

Of course, the models that do fantastic and that the fans react to in the most positive ways will be invited back again and again, so by that time they will be very experienced, and likely be helping us with any new girls we have around.

Are you really looking for multiple different style of girl?

Yes, and that is one of the more interesting aspects of our project. We want to work with several girls that have never done this type of work and maybe never even thought about it - then make videos about how we took them from their current day to day lifestyle, to a day or two as a hottie pro bikini model. At the same time, we will also be looking to hire girls that have been in pro studios previously, or in front of crowds previously, and do different types of video projects that showcase that experience.

Cheerleaders, cosplayers, country girls, retail clerks, prom queens, student athletes, college students, geeks, nerds and everbody else is encouraged to submit their information and photos to be one of our models. And, that includes all races and nationalities.

This model diversity also applies to body styles and height. Typical New York fashion models are at least 5'10" tall. Some bikini catalog work is done with girls a bit shorter at 5'6" - 5'10", but they are often above average in the bustline. Niether the hieght above 5'6" or the large cup size are needed here and all girls are welcome to apply.

Do you really pay the travel costs?

Yes, because we want to work with girls (models) from all across the United States, we'll be paying the airfare, hotel and meal costs for them to attend a project with us. Thats how all the big magazines, like the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition do it, and we operate the same way, except they use famous supermodels and atheletes, and we hope to work a different style of girls (see previous question above).

What is the best way to contact TrueBikini?

We make it as easy as possible to contact us and the information is on the Contact Us.

Do you hire photographers or make-up artists?

We plan to start with our own production crew, but as the site & channel grow we expect to be partnering with outside videographers and their staff.

General information for those interested in participating can be found on this page.

Can I ask some other questions?

Yes, click over to the Contact page, then submit an email or call the office.

Voice calls also help us avoid the rude internet trolls that hang around these days. Usually it's just a childish high school dropout guy, and other times its a beginner photographer looking for information, but we are a busy crew and hate wasting time with anonymous guys that pretend to be girls inline and submit photos they found on Facebook.

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