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On this page we keep our potential models, bikini model fans, and others up to date on the progress of our project. Please check back often for the most recent news. Feel free to send a message or any questions using the form on the Contact Us page.


A big Thank You goes out to everybody that applied to be one of the models for our TrueBikini project. The six girls for our first season have been selected and production of the "@ Home" segments begins September 12th and continues for 6 weekends.

We have a few temporary crew gigs open several of those weekends and have listed them here for those that are interested.

We are planning a second season of the TrueBikini video series with production tentatively set to begin in March 2020. Interested females, or their mothers, are welcome to send us an email message from the Contact Us page and we'll reply by email in January when the next models are being selected.

The boss has posted a note below with details about the 2019 model search. Below that you'll find the updated production schedule.

The TrueBikini Model Search

I'd like to thank all the young women and men that applied to be one of the models for our new project TrueBikini. I've been in the pretty girl picture business over 25 years, yet I continue to be amazed by how many beautiful people we are surrounded by here in the USA, and how diverse and wide ranging that beauty can be.

Calling it a "Model Search" might have been a mistake. We received well over 300 photo submissions from persons with modeling experience. As we've tried to explain here and on social media, the true goal was to locate young ladies that have never done any modeling so we can make video stories about how we transform them into daring bikini models.

I'll have to come up with some new phrase for the 2020 search and I apologize to anybody that feels I wasted their time by calling it a "Model Search" when it was more of a "Non-Model Search".

Here are a few interesting details from the search.

  • Connecting with attractive females that could fit a bikini modeling project, but are not actively pursuing any type of modeling, is much harder than I expected. They are not looking on Google for "modeling jobs", searching hastags such as "#modelsearch" on social media, or reading any of the modeling related advertisements we placed.

  • The delay in finding non-models to be models caused big delays in the project. The TrueBikini plan was made way back in March, and we started looking for the non-model models in April, with production somewhat foolishly planned for late June through July. We are running about 90 days behind schedule.

  • For our normal photography projects we usually need the model for one day at a time. For the TrueBikini project we need them to commit to 2 consecutive days at the start, 3 consecutive days a few weeks later, and another 4 consecutive days yet another few weeks later that is timed to work with other models. I was very surprised at how far in advance many of the best prospects have their lives firmly mapped out. Travel plans, cheer camp, vacation with boyfriend's family, sporting events, and more prevented some girls we originally selected from being involved.

    It has been a bit tough getting everything timed out just right. Two girls we had selected had to drop out because we couldn't find dates that would work for them, and some date changes are still being considered.

  • We received a total of 639 online submissions between April 15th and September 1st. Some of them are duplicates and 42 are clearly fake information from trolls submitting celebrity photos or cartoon images.

  • 211 submissions, which works out to almost exactly 1/3rd, came from persons over the 14-22 age range we stated as fitting the project.

  • 24 submissions came from persons under the 14-22 age range we stated as fitting the project.

  • 103 submissions came from modeling agents or agencies representing professional models, or persons representing popular Instagram girls they called influencers or "Instamodels".

  • 61 submissions came from adult males.

  • Curiously, if we delete all the applications from New York agencies, almost all of the remaining submissions came from the middle part of the country ranging from Colorado and Arizona in the west to North and South Carolina in the east. Suprisingly, only one application from sunny southern California and only one submission from the sunny south Florida areas around Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. No submissions from northeastern states such as New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey or New Hampshire.

  • Girls in Arizona, Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia sent in the most submissions. We didn't do any extra advertising in those areas and have no idea why so many more submissions came from those areas. The next most popular states were Indiana and the Carolinas.

Overall, it was an interesting summer trying to find non-model females that don't know they can be bikini models for a few days if we transform them just a little using tanning beds, hair salons, make-up artists and photography techniques.


TrueBikini Production Plans

Our production plans take place in 3 stages with each model as we produce hours of raw video footage that will later be edited into a proper sequence and series. The stages might not seem to match our previous plans because new ideas and suggestions have come along since we first conceived of this project eight months ago.

The first stage we are calling "@Home" and is where we have a tiny video crew in the new model's hometown as she learns she was selected, she meets with the crew to plan things, starts tanning and working out, maybe has a hair style or color change, and does her regular Friday and Saturday night activities. We are doing what we can to make most of this recording spontaneous. Models ages 18-22 know in advance they've been selected and when we are visiting with the cameras, but they are keeping it secret from family, friends and roommates. The two models under age 18 do not know they've been selected, but the mothers know their kid has been selected and when we are visiting with the cameras.

The second stage we are calling "Studio Time" and is where the model makes her first appearance in a studio, having the experts work on her hair and make-up, and is in front of quality professional photographers for her first photo shoot. Part fun, part training, likely a bunch of nerves because we are talking about a girl that never dreamed of doing this previously, but now finds herself in a tiny bikini in front of a bunch of bright lights and cameras.

The third stage we are calling "On Location" as we take the models to a beach location for a couple of production days. This is the first time each girl will be meeting and in hotels with other models, in photo shoots with the other models and in a formal catalog style project. The exact location remains a bit up in the air. We hope for the exotic area of Rincon, Puerto Rico, but have plans for Miami Beach, Florida as a back-up if all the arrangements can't be made.

  • September 12th to 15th we'll be in the Nashville, Tennessee area for "@Home" production with the first model.

  • September 19th to 22nd we'll be in the Montgomery, Alabama area for "@Home" production with the second model.

  • September 26th to 29th we'll be in the Greenville, South Carolina area for "@Home" production with the third model.

  • October 10th to 13th we'll be in the Indianapolis, Indiana area for "@Home" production with the fourth model.

  • October 17th to 20th we'll be in the Dallas, Texas area for "@Home" production with the fifth model.

  • October 24th to 27th we'll be in the Phoenix, Arizona area for "@Home" production with the sixth model.

  • Part of November and part of early December are dedicated to girls visiting our Denver area studio 2 days at a time on whatever days meet their schedules.

  • January 17th to 20, 2020 has been set aside for the final "On Location" stage. Both the date and location are tentitive at this time as we are hoping to combine it with a similar event being done for another project. Updates posted here as we have them.

For the Montgomery, Greenville, Indianapolis and Dallas dates we are looking for a couple of temporary helpers. Interested persons can check the details here.

Our Company, Group Five Photosports, is planning another project much like TrueBikini, but involving lingerie and other glamour or daring styles of outfits. It will use models ages 18-22 only. If you want information about that project once it is ready please send us a message now from the Contact Us page and we'll reply by email when the details are available and models are being selected.


As of today we have two of the six model spots open for our first season of TrueBikini. Thursday August 15th is the last day to submit your information (here), or to submit updated photos to go with the information you previously submitted (here).

August 2nd to 15th will see us away from the office as we scout a Caribbean location, attend a wedding, and take a few fun days off. The office phone my not be answered, but emails and social media messages will be as quickly as possible. Feel free to send your questions by email for a speedy reply.

We are looking for a college age guy or two to help with a project November 6th to 13th in the areas of Rincon and Aguadilla, Puerto Rico. The work is general labor - helping with lighting, holding and moving gear, things like that. It might include some TrueBikini project models, but the general outline is for a different production. If you know somebody in that area that may wish to work with us a few days (paid gig), please have them shoot us a message.


We have three spots remaining for the first video series of our project. Interested persons should get their information submitted soon. You do not need to submit professional photos. Please read the previous news listed below and other information on this website to have a full understanding of this project. If you continue to have questions please feel free to give our office a call at 303-474-4449 Monday through Friday.

Our June 27-30 taping in the Nashville area was pushed back to this past week due the scheduling conflicts. To avoid such last minute changes as we move the project forward we must be less flexible in our plans. The new schedule is this:

  • September weekends will be used for the local and studio tapings. Interested girls must be available on one of these weeks 6th-8th, 13th-15th, 20th-22nd or 27th-29th, including being able to miss school or work on the Friday that starts those weekends. The exact dates will be selected as the final girls are selected.

  • November on the weekends of 15th-17th and 22nd-24th we've set aside time for any extra work or reshoots that needs to be done.

  • The beach tapings will take place in early December. We hope to do it in the Miami Beach area (South Beach), but the scheduling could be tough as they have the Art Basil festival down there on the 5th-8th. The final plan for that will be posted in September.

Interested girls that have previous obligations on those September dates wouldn't be able to work on this project. Those are the only dates available.


Quick reminder - we are looking for a specific style of girl for this project that generally fit these four points:

  • Females between ages 14 and 22.

  • With very little or zero professional modeling experience.

  • With an interesting back story such as coming from a very small town, being a rodeo rider, competitive cheerleader, straight A student, motorcycle or car racer, or any of hundreds of other interesting details.

  • Look cute in modern bikini style swimwear, even if a little shy or not normally wearing swimwear on a regular basis.

Over the month of May we received: 61 submissions from females in the 25-39 age range, 52 submissions from New York City, Dallas or Los Angeles agents representing experienced models in the 18-36 age range, 18 submissions from adult males and 6 submissions from parents of females under age 14.

We appreciate them taking the time to express interest in the project - including the big city agents. Unfortunately, none of those submissions fit the plans for this project.

We have six spots open as of today for girls that fit the 4 basic points listed above.

The Basic Concept

Viewers of reality TV have seen shows about various "rehab" situations such as the old house that is remodeled, the drug user that goes to rehab, the old car that is restored or motorcycle that is highly modified, or the fat guy that is helped to lose several pounds.

All those themes encompass a transformation of sorts and our plans for TrueBikini fall along the same lines. Imagine we locate the cute rodeo rider from Tulsa and the competitive cheerleader from Atlanta, then create a story as they are transformed into a dark tan, slim and trim, tiny bikini wearing, brand new model posing on a beach in Florida or for a car magazine in our studios.

The project isn't only about shooting photos of a model in a bikini. We are hoping to create video stories about the entire process from the minute the girl is first selected directly through her photo shoots, and hopefully into a second season when she comes back to help us with another group of brand new girls.

Persons with extensive modeling experience, above or below the age range, or persons that are males or persons that are outside the USA might have great model potential, but don't happen to fit the theme of this project.

Things are evolving quickly and some details posted just a few weeks ago are being updated. We are making a couple of small changes to the overall planning as we move into the summer months.

  • We are reducing the total models to 8 from the original plan of 12-16 we mentioned in April and May. This change will help insure that we can get all early production done over the summer and early fall months. Scheduling of the first two girls, and others we wanted to select, has proven to be difficult.

    Many girls we want to work with have busy summer plans. Fully dedicating 4 days to us one week, then another 4 days to us a three or four weeks later, is tough when they have many other personal or family events on their calendar. Reducing the total number provides us more scheduling flexibility.

  • For the hostess / model coach portion of the project the original goal was to hire 4 experienced models from around the USA to work with new girls. We now plan to use girls we already know and have worked with in the past. This will save us time recruiting and interviewing hostess prospects and allow production to start quicker.

  • We have narrowed down how production will take place with most of the new girls once she is selected and production dates arranged.

    First, a video crew and host will arrive in the selected girl's home town and produce footage of her around home, while the host takes her out to the gym and tanning salon, and around her friends doing her normal day to day summer activities. With pre-production meetings and practice we expect this to occupy four consecutive days. She'll be left with a phone for her and her friends to use for selfies, video clips and social media as she gets ready for her first professional photo shoot.

    Second, three to four weeks later, with her new tan and tone shape, she'll travel to the location selected for her first bikini model photo shoot. It could be the Colorado studio, a Florida beach, or some other fun location that meets our schedule. We expect this to occupy four consecutive days.

    Third, if the first two steps go great, and scheduling allows, she'll likely be invited to another production event later in the year. It could be to the studio, it could be a beach, and it could be timed to coincide with production with another new model. We are hoping to create stories. Timing it to bring in a farmer's daughter from a small town and a big city beauty pageant contestant on the same weekend gives us a good opportunity for fun interaction.

  • The first production trip has been scheduled for June 27-30, with the crew in the Nashville area to work with a girl from one of the nearby towns. Should be fun, and hopefully it is the start of a great production season.

We are looking for a part-time helper to participate in the Nashville area project behind the scenes doing some fun social media tasks. It is a paid gig and needs to be female to be in changing room with the new model. Hit us up if in the area and available those dates.

That is all the news for today. Any visitors with further questions are welcome to call the office or send email using the information on the Contact Us page.


Our studio crew just returned from a production trip to Florida. The shoot there was for a different project, but they did include some work and interviews that may later be used here at TrueBikini. They also managed to sit down over a few meals and firm up further details for this project. Here is the updated information.

The project will feature a total of 16 models shooting photos and video footage on production days spread over June through September. We expect 12 of those models to be brand new girls that have never modeled previously, and the other 4 will be girls that have experienced professional modeling. That pro experience doesn't need to be with our company. 2 have been selected thus far.

The age range we'll consider is 14 to 24. Over the past few weeks we have received submissions from prospects, or parents of prospects, both above and below those ages, but we feel that spreading out the models over the 14-24 range offers a nice balance of personalities, body styles & sizes, and story potential. Imagine the older more experienced model helping coach the young first time model, or the younger girl that has never been on a plane being nervous about her first jet experience, and more. It's a video series planned to tell interesting stories about a variety of girls from a range of backgrounds becoming daring models in tiny swimwear. That age range fits best.

We've decided to avoid girls that have tattoos larger than a few inches. Full arm sleeves or thigh tats could become too distracting photographically. We hope to avoid all tattoos, but will consider some if not too large.

We are very interested in using models of all races and lifestyles. Everybody is welcome to submit their information and images. We want a wide range of styles and personalities involved.

We originally created a set production schedule but have determined we need to loosen that up just a bit. One of our crew visited the Summit All Star Cheerleading Championship in Orlando. She scouted around, selected two girls she thought would be great for our project, but once it came to scheduling with the parents realized our open dates conflicted with cheer camp and other events the girls had already committed to. To avoid those situations moving through the summer we'll make available a few more flexible travel and production dates for shoots in the Denver area studio. Feel free to submit your information even if you already have a busy summer schedule for cheer camp, rodeos, pageants, family travel or vacations. We'll do our best to work around that if you are selected.

We are looking for a helper to work remotely online. Our company is primarily a production company. We shoot photos and videos and don't always use social media to promote that content or find new models. This project is different because we specifically hope to find girls to turn into models that have never done it before and they wouldn't be listed with the agents or sites we normally hire through. Additionally, once the first season of the video series is ready in the fall, we plan to publish ourselves (not license to others as usual), so we'll need social media promotional help with that. We'll provide a reasonable hourly wage, along with a phone and laptop to keep our work separate from personal social media, to a person that can put in 12-16 hours a week with us. For the scouting part they would be approaching potential models and we feel a female helper, comfortable talking to high school and college age girls, would be best suited for this task. Contact us if interested.

We've placed a phone number on the Contact Us page for the cell phone dedicated to this project. We've received a few text messages stating things such as "tell me all about it". We appreciate the interest, but there is way too much information to be explained and it can't be done by text message. Please, if you or somebody you know is interested, dedicate a few minutes to read this site and learn all the information in the great detail we are providing. It just can't be done 140 characters at a time by text.

We've updated the page named TrueBikini Model Project Explained to include a section about how models working with us make money.

Our office will be open May 15th to June 5th Monday through Friday 10:00am to 4:00pm Colorado time. You are welcome to call or email with any questions or comments and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. The next production days are June 6th-9th. The office will be closed those days but email will be answered nightly.


We updated the Frequently Asked Questions page today with a section about Finder's Fees. In the model business it's common for photo studios and production companies like us to pay others a cash reward for finding new models that we hire. We've been doing that for years and you can find all that information here.

We received a few emails asking about other jobs at our company. We are based just outside Denver, Colorado. At times we have office or studio jobs open and they are listed on the company site here. We're also creating a new office to help manage websites for other companies, and a link to those jobs is available here.


Over the weekend a few people sent along questions such as "How does this work"" or "Where can I see the APP?". In response we've created a new page named TrueBikini Model Project Explained where we explain it all step-by-step.


The basic website opened today where girls can learn about the project and our overall plan. If interested in modeling for us they can submit their information and photos for our staff to review on this page.

It can be a bit hard to explain all the details of a large project without the page becoming a long boring mess. If we've left something out that you are curious about please send us an email with your questions using the form on the Contact Us page and we'll reply as soon as possible. As soon as our first production weekend is complete we'll start posting sample videos here and on YouTube.

We expect to have two production periods, each lasting 3-4 days, monthly May through August, then three in September and three more in October. Because TrueBikini is being planned and developed by Group Five Photosports, and we have other projects going on with models often, it is easy for us to work in additional days if needed.

The plan for the TrueBikini project is to use as many models that are new to us over the summer months as we can schedule. This will allow us to have hours of content ready to go by the fall 2019 launch date.

Every interested young lady, of any race or location, that looks good in modern swimwear should feel motivated to submit their information today. You can do that here.