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The TrueBikini Project is about having fun and giving pro-style photo & video shoot opportunities to girls that don't usually think about being models. It's perfect for fun and energetic young ladies ranging from rodeo riders, small town girls, popular cheerleaders, inner-city students and aspiring models all at the same time.

When most people think of swimsuit models they think of the voluptuous ladies on the cover of the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition or in Victoria's Secret catalogs, but not everybody can be one of those girls.

Our project is planned as a video series about producing awesome photos & videos with girls that might not be a busty 5'10" statuesque female with a powerful agent in New York City.

We want to find beautiful girls from all across the USA and turn them into a bikini model - at least for a couple of days while working with us!

Short or tall, busty or not, long hair or short - we are looking for a diverse selection of girls that look good in modern swimwear styles, and have a confident, yet open and fun, personality.

Imagine the country girl from the Nebraska farmland, the raver girl from Arizona, the dedicated cheerleader from Kentucky, the cosplay girl from Colorado, the prom queen from Texas, and the sun drenched Latin girl from Puerto Rico, and all doing their very first modeling in a cute bikini on sunny Miami Beach, to be captured in 4K Ultra HD video for our streaming channels and APP.

Working with attractive girls that didn't imagine they could do bikini modeling, and aspiring models from outside the normally modeling agency process, will set us apart from the giant website Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition, and at the same time make the project super fun for everybody involved on both sides of the camera.

Have Fun & Get Paid

Not only is the project going to be fun, but we all make some money at the same time. All new models are paid $100 an hour while working with us!

The YouTube site and APP make money by placing advertisements before the videos, sometimes in the middle of videos, and in other spots on the website pages. Our plan is to run our bikini model video channel, website and APP the same way.

Lots of fun videos featuring cute bikini models.

We'll have sections featuring brand new models that have never done it before, but other sections with models that we have worked with many times.

We'll have behind the scenes videos showing all the silliness that goes on around photoshoots.

We'll have sections showing how the make-up and hair styling is done, and we'll even have sections where new photographers can see video tutorials the explain how lighting and equipment is used to produce a certain style of photo or video.

Because we'll be getting paid by the advertisers, our company will pay all models $100 per hour, and if they are from outside our area, we'll also pay all expenses for them to participate in our projects!

We also reward a finder's fee to scouts, photographers, friends, cheer coaches and others if they refer girls we hire.

We explain the project in greater detail on the Bikini Model Project Explained page, and if you have further questions you can check the Frequently Asked Questions page or you can reach out directly using the information on the Contact Us page.

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